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America's Ongoing Border Chaos is a Potential Humanitarian Crisis

Amanda Casanova | ChristianHeadlines.com Contributor | Updated: Nov 30, 2023
America's Ongoing Border Chaos is a Potential Humanitarian Crisis

America's Ongoing Border Chaos is a Potential Humanitarian Crisis

Immigration experts say strict asylum policies will not slow the flow of migrants coming into the U.S. seeking refuge.

Chelsea Sachau, managing attorney for the Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project, recently spoke at a webinar, saying that neither tough policies nor humane immigration policies will change anything at the border.

“This is not an ‘If you build it, they will come’ situation. Asylum seekers will keep coming because they have no other option, so we must build it,” Sachau said during a Nov. 28 webinar hosted by the #WelcomewithDignity campaign.

The webinar featured a discussion on current immigration policy and how federal, state, and local governments can help create a welcoming asylum system.

But Azadeh Erfani, senior policy analyst for the National Immigrant Justice Center, said change has to start with President Joe Biden.

“The administration has also come up with its own punitive and unnecessary barriers to the right to asylum, such as subjecting families to heightened surveillance and expedited fear screenings and turning away asylum seekers who aren’t able to secure an appointment under CBP One, a highly dysfunctional mobile app that is largely inaccessible to many asylum seekers due to literacy barriers, to technological barriers and to financial barriers,” Erfani said.

The Border Patrol is often understaffed in many places, including southern Arizona, where thousands have come in. According to Arizona Townhall, 2,800 people made illegal crossings on Tuesday near Arizona.

“CBP is pulling personnel from local ports of entry to help, BP there is pausing their social media, & multiple BP highway checkpoints are closed - which are crucial to catching fentanyl smugglers who make it past the ports of entry,” Bill Melugin, a Fox News correspondent, tweeted.

At the Nogales and Arizona Border Patrol checkpoint, agents shut down the checkpoint because of the “migrant surge.”

The immigration panel discussed how many of these migrants face human rights violations when they try to seek asylum.

Asylum seekers are sometimes detained for up to four days at a time without adequate food, water, shelter, and sanitary conditions. In California, those migrants are then released onto the streets of San Diego, where they do not receive any resources.

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America's Ongoing Border Chaos is a Potential Humanitarian Crisis