Hong Kong

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Christian Worship Song Emerges as Anthem for Hong Kong Protests

The year Linda Lee Stassen-Benjamin penned the Christian worship song, “Sing Hallelujah to the Lord,” OPEC ended its oil embargo against the United States, America and Russia met to discuss nuclear disarmament, India tested an atomic device and President Richard Nixon resigned after being impeached during the Watergate scandal. It was 1974 and the cost of a first-class stamp was just 8 cents.

Unprecedented Protests in Hong Kong and Moscow: How to Unleash the Power of True Community

Hong Kong International Airport has canceled all remaining departing flights for the second day after thousands of pro-democracy protesters blocked the terminals. “Protesting in the airport is the best way to tell the world what’s happening in Hong Kong,” according to a sixteen-year-old who handed out flyers to travelers alleging police brutality.

Chinese Christians, Demonstrators Storm Hong Kong Legislative Building in Protest of Proposed Extradition Bill

A huge group of demonstrators stormed Hong Kong’s legislative building in protest against a new extradition bill which would see criminals face prosecution in mainland China. Many Christians have felt in fear for their lives in light of the now-suspended bill, due to China having some of the most restrictive religious freedom laws on earth.

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