Election 2020

Who Won the Debate? Remembering How God Measures Success

Presidential debate, Who won the debate

The contentious nature of last night’s debate reflects the contentious nature of our culture. Our politics are locked in a zero-sum game: abortion is legal or it is not; LGBTQ rights and sexual liberty take precedence over religious liberty or they do not. More than ever before, Republicans and Democrats both consider the other side to be “brainwashed,” “hateful,” and “racist.”

Heading into the Election, What Would You Say About the Tough Issues of 2020?

Question marks, what would you say about the tough issues

Over the next 12 weeks or so, with election season in full gear, we’ve planned a set of videos to tackle the various political and policy questions and issues that are front and center on people’s minds. These videos will not only equip Christians for conversations about the presidential campaign and the place of faith in the public square, but also about those issues central to state and local ballots, including abortion restrictions, education, economics, race, and civic responsibility.

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