Is Nation Building Moral?

Kabul in Afghanistan, Evangelicals call on US leaders to aid in the evacuation of innocent Afghans

Politics alone cannot nation-build. Certain ideas about human nature, derived from Christianity, have played an essential role in Western culture. Biblical concepts about the image of God and original sin enabled thinkers to craft a style of government that saw both citizens and the state as dignified and liable to corruption. Without these principles, the democratic project simply cannot endure, as demonstrated by our failed attempts at nation-building around the world.

Afghanistan: Christians, We Say We Care but Have We Even Fasted and Prayed?

Group of people praying

What’s happening in Afghanistan sends shivers down my spine and — I’m sure — yours, too. But I want to ask you: is the horrific suffering in Afghanistan affecting the way you live your life? Or is your life just carrying on as normal? Because none of us should be acting “normal” while our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan wait in dread for the Taliban to appear at our doorstep. You and I have a crucial role, one that should disrupt our “normal” lives: we need to be on our knees in prayer.

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