A Prayer for Turkey and Syria After the Devastating Earthquake

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Amy Grant Defends Hosting Her Niece's Same-Sex Wedding: 'I Love Those Brides'

Grammy award-winning singer Amy Grant is standing by her decision to host her niece's same-sex wedding, telling People magazine that she has avoided social media criticism about the event.

Bear Grylls: 'Jesus Would Really Struggle with 99 Percent of Churches' Today

Survivalist and television host Bear Grylls says in a new interview that he has grown frustrated with the direction of the Christian church in recent years.

NHL Player Refuses to Wear LGBT Pride Jersey, Cites Christian Faith: 'Stay True to Myself'

A prominent NHL player ignited a debate within the sports and religious worlds when he cited his Christian faith Tuesday in refusing to participate in his team's LGBT Pride celebration.

Christian Man Faces Criminal Charges, Prison for Sharing 'Ex-Gay Testimony'

A Christian man who shared his “ex-gay testimony” in a Maltese internet interview faces criminal charges in what is believed to be the first case of its kind in the world.

Bills QB Josh Allen Describes 'Spiritual Awakening' after Hamlin Collapse: 'I Couldn't Deny' It

The all-star quarterback who has made Buffalo a favorite for the Super Bowl says Damar Hamlin's frightening collapse has led to his own "spiritual awakening."

Christian Persecution at All-Time High, Open Doors Finds

Christians around the world are facing the worst levels of persecution for their faith since persecution watchdog Open Doors began recording such acts nearly 30 years ago.

The Chosen Fans Crash Movie Ticket Website after New Film Announced: Releases Feb. 2-3

The demand for tickets to a new Chosen film was so great that it briefly crashed its ticketing website Sunday evening.

A Spiritual Lesson on Buying Time

While fiscal responsibility is important, an issue that receives far less attention in Christian circles pertains to being responsible with our time.

Man Is Allegedly Told to Leave Mall of America for Wearing 'Jesus Is the Only Way' Shirt

A video has gone viral showing security guards at the Mall of America telling a man wearing a shirt that says, “Jesus is the only way” to remove his t-shirt or leave the mall.