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Jesus Revolution Passes $40 Million to Become Lionsgate's Highest-Grossing Film Since 2019: 'Incredible'

The faith-based hit Jesus Revolution passed $40 million at the box office Monday thanks to another solid showing and is now the highest-grossing movie since 2019 for its studio, Lionsgate.

Michael W. Smith Believes a Worldwide Revival Is Breaking Out: 'What We've Prayed for' Is Happening

Grammy-winning artist Michael W. Smith, fresh off an event in Vietnam that drew thousands, says he believes “God is on the movie” around the world and that a global revival is breaking out.

“Something's happening,” Smith told Christian Headlines. “I'm so grateful that I'm alive to get to see it.”

Smith referenced the Asbury revival but also a series of other events: the timely release of Jesus Revolution and the popularity of The Chosen, among them.

Lonnie Frisbee 'Never Considered' Himself to Be Gay, He Wrote in Autobiography

A close friend and former roommate of Lonnie Frisbee is encouraging moviegoers to read Frisbee’s autobiography in order to better understand his life and to help counter charges that the deceased evangelist was gay.

Kansas State Coach, in Sweet 16, Praises Jesus: ‘My Passion Is Ministry’

The first-year coach who has exceeded expectations by guiding Kansas State to its first Sweet 16 appearance in five seasons says he views his job as a “ministry” to prepare athletes to be husbands, fathers, and leaders.

Actor Dean Cain Grew Closer to God after His Son Was Born: ‘My Faith Really Got Stronger’

Cain says he realizes his faith-based films have their critics. He’s seen the comments on social media. But he says he keeps doing them because the movies are inspiring people. He also wants to make movies his son can embrace.

The Set of Jesus Revolution Experienced Miracles and Real Baptisms: It Was 'Extraordinary'

The box-office sensation Jesus Revolution includes scenes of mass baptisms that required plenty of behind-the-scenes preparation and a multitude of extras.

Incredibly, though, the scenes sparked real-life baptisms and salvations, too.

Jerry Falwell Jr. Sues Liberty University, Alleging He's Owed $8.5 Million in Retirement

Former Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr. is suing the school for more than $8 million, alleging he is owed retirement funds that were never paid.

Rick Warren Says Scripture, Not Culture, Led Him to Change on Female Pastors

Author and Saddleback Church founder Rick Warren says in a new interview that Scripture, and not the culture, led him to change his mind on the issue of female pastors.

'A Heavenly Language': Max Lucado Says Speaking in Tongues Is Now Part of His Prayer Time

Pastor and best-selling author Max Lucado recently shared that he received the spiritual gift of speaking in tongues, which he now practices during his prayer time.

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