Breaking News: 3 Kids, 3 Adults Killed in Mass Shooting at Nashville Christian School

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Worship Leader Wows American Idol Judges with Rendition of Zach Williams' Song 'To The Table'

Worship leader Warren Peay earned a ticket to Hollywood after he wowed American Idol Judges with his performance of the worship song “To The Table” by Christian music artist Zach Williams.

Christian College Fires Teacher for Tweet Calling Homosexuality a Sin

An evangelical college in the United Kingdom has sparked a debate over Scripture and tolerance after it fired a lecturer for a tweet labeling homosexuality a “sin.”

Lonnie Frisbee 'Never Considered' Himself to Be Gay, He Wrote in Autobiography

A close friend and former roommate of Lonnie Frisbee is encouraging moviegoers to read Frisbee’s autobiography in order to better understand his life and to help counter charges that the deceased evangelist was gay.

Bible Film David Breaks The Chosen Crowdfunding Record: 'We're Just So Excited'

Angel Studios' upcoming faith-based film David has broken the crowdfunding record set by The Chosen and is now the largest audience-funded production in history, the studio said Thursday.

'Praise God': Christian Missionary Released after 6 Years in Captivity

A Christian missionary who was kidnapped in Niger in 2016 has been released and is in good condition, according to Open Doors.

Beware 'Celebrity Worship Syndrome'

One obvious reason Americans are so interested in celebrities is that the media makes them so ubiquitous. It’s a bit of a chicken-and-egg scenario: people get famous, which gets them in the news, which increases their fame, which makes them more newsworthy. A second is that many people live vicariously through the celebrities they follow. This phenomenon has become so pronounced in recent years that psychologists have coined the name “Celebrity Worship Syndrome” (CWS). They warn that “CWS is an obsessive addictive disorder in which a person becomes involved with the details of a celebrity’s personal life.”

The Voice Finalist Bodie Kuljian Performs Worship Song with Brandon Lake

Bodie Kuljian, who recently left The Voice judges speechless and in tears after performing a rendition of Christian singer/songwriter Brandon Lake's "Gratitude," shared that he recently got to perform alongside Lake during Lake's tour stop in Los Angeles.

Jesus Revolution Passes $40 Million to Become Lionsgate's Highest-Grossing Film Since 2019: 'Incredible'

The faith-based hit Jesus Revolution passed $40 million at the box office Monday thanks to another solid showing and is now the highest-grossing movie since 2019 for its studio, Lionsgate.

Netflix, Amazon Are Pushing R-Rated Content to Children and Teens: Watchdog

A parental watchdog is sounding the alarm on popular teen-centric TV series and warning parents that Netflix and Amazon are pushing content to children that deserves an R-rating.

Michael W. Smith Believes a Worldwide Revival Is Breaking Out: 'What We've Prayed for' Is Happening

Grammy-winning artist Michael W. Smith, fresh off an event in Vietnam that drew thousands, says he believes “God is on the movie” around the world and that a global revival is breaking out.

“Something's happening,” Smith told Christian Headlines. “I'm so grateful that I'm alive to get to see it.”

Smith referenced the Asbury revival but also a series of other events: the timely release of Jesus Revolution and the popularity of The Chosen, among them.

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