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What God May Have Intended with the Question of Alien Life

If your faith in God feels threatened or shaken by the prospect of life existing outside of our planet, then you should first consider wrestling with why that’s the case. Nothing in the Bible expressly denies the existence of extraterrestrial life. Neither does anything in the Bible require us to believe it’s out there. Why? Because the Bible is far more concerned with your life and my life here on Earth—and, more specifically, how to live that life in relationship with God—than it is that speculative question. Satan would love it if we became divided over or obsessed with an issue that, most likely, just doesn’t matter instead of focusing on the things that do.

7 Great Classic Movies Every Christian Teen Should Watch

It's not easy finding a movie that will be loved by mom and dad – and that also will be appreciated by their teenage daughter or son.

It's even harder to find ones that meet that criterion while having a positive message, a few biblical lessons and that have stood the test of time.

But we think we've found a few. Mind you, not every teenager will be crazy about all the titles on our list. Most teenagers, though, will enjoy a least a few of them.

In fact, these seven movies are so good – having set records and won awards – that every Christian teenager should check them out.

Here, then, are seven classic movies every Christian teenager should watch:

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