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16-Year Old Arrested for Cutting Down Famous 'Robin Hood' Sycamore Tree

The tree, one of the country's most photographed trees, was featured in the 1991 film Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and won the 2016 England Tree of the Year award.

Andy Stanley's Church to Host LGBT-Affirming Conference

An upcoming conference hosted by Andy Stanley’s church for ministry leaders and parents of LGBTQ children is being called a “clear and tragic departure from Biblical Christianity” by a prominent evangelical leader, who says the lineup of speakers reveals the event’s theological position.

Deadly Terror Attack in Pakistan Kills Over 50 People Celebrating the Prophet Muhammad's Birthday

A suicide bombing left more than 50 people dead and injured close to 70 others in Pakistan during the birthday celebration of the prophet Muhammad on Friday.

Atheist Group Calls Auburn University Football Coach's Attendance at Revival Event 'Unconstitutional'

A prominent atheist group is claiming that the Auburn University football coach’s attendance at a school revival event was “unconstitutional.”

Tim Ballard Addresses Sting Operation 'Tactics' Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Former government agent Tim Ballard, whose story is highlighted in the summer box office hit “Sound of Freedom,” has issued a defense against recent allegations of sexual misconduct. 

As Christian Headlines previously reported, Ballard was accused of taking women on overseas missions focused on sex trafficking and pretending that they were his wife. He was also accused of forcing them to share a bed or shower with him as a tactic to fool traffickers. 

For this part, Ballard has shot down the allegations against him. 

“Based on the allegations that are flying around and the questions being asked,” he said in a video posted to Instagram, “we’ve decided to tell you these tactics. While I do so, I’m going to pay homage, respect, love, and gratitude for these female operators who serve such an important role in rescue operations.”

4 Outspoken Christians Land on Time Magazine's '100 Next' List for 2023

Time magazine’s annual “100 Next” list includes several outspoken Christians, such as the co-pastor of a prominent church, an NFL star and an astronaut.

Joni Eareckson Tada Out of Hospital after 16-Day Stay from Double Pneumonia

Christian author and speaker Joni Eareckson Tada was recently released from the hospital following a 16-day stay due to a case of double pneumonia. 

Tada, who leads Joni and Friends, issued an update on social media following her release from the hospital.

“Like many of the people we serve who struggle with constant health challenges, I can say with them, “God rescued me!” After 16 days in the hospital struggling with double pneumonia, I am home, happy, healing, and resting. The hospital provided oxygen for me, but it’s only temporary,” Tada wrote on Facebook last Thursday. 

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