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Popular Actor in The Chosen Converts to Christianity: 'I Can't Help but Talk About' It

A well-known actor in The Chosen is opening up about his faith journey, saying he had never had a personal encounter with Jesus until he took the role in the Bible-based hit series and was influenced by Christians behind the scenes.

Who Destroyed the Nova Kakhovka Dam in Ukraine? And Why it Matters to You

It is human nature to prefer a simple explanation – even when it’s wrong – to a more complex one. As a result, it can be easy to ignore inconvenient truths when they muddy the waters of how we would prefer to see a given situation.

With the war in Ukraine, it is simpler to see Ukrainians as valiant heroes fighting in defense of their homeland and Russians as the evil invaders bent on destruction. To be sure, there is a good bit of validity to both characterizations. However, neither side is without fault in this war, and it’s vital that we don’t lose sight of the gray areas in which the truth often resides just because the world seems simpler in black and white.

Beth Moore Says New Duggar Docuseries Reveals the Pervasiveness of Bill Gothard’s Controversial Teachings

Author and Christian evangelist Beth Moore said in a Twitter post this week that the recently released documentary about the Duggar family opened her eyes to the impact of the teachings of Bill Gothard.

Dallas Jenkins Addresses Controversy over LGBT Pride Flag on Set: 'We Are Not a Church'

The creator and director of the hit Bible-based series The Chosen is responding to a social media controversy about an LGBT Pride flag spotted on set, saying the company employs Christians and non-Christians alike who are excellent at their craft.

Target Lost Nearly $15 Billion after Boycott over LGBT Pride Merchandise: 'Stunning Collapse'

Target’s loss of nearly $15 billion in market value since the start of a boycott over LGBT Pride merchandise has “woken” up other companies about the importance of staying away from controversial issues, says businessman Kevin O’Leary.

Former Dave Ramsey Followers Sue Him for $150 Million over Failed Timeshare Exit Company Endorsement

Christian finance guru and best-selling author Dave Ramsey is being sued by former followers for $150 million for his endorsement of a failed timeshare exit company that defrauded customers out of millions of dollars.

Christian Singer Plumb Celebrates LGBT Pride Month, Receives Pushback from Fans

Dove Award-winning Christian musician Plumb is receiving pushback from her fans for a social media post celebrating LGBT Pride Month and for changing her bio, indicating she is an “ally.”

Most Christians Say Churches Should Provide Counseling, But Most Pastors Disagree

According to new research from the Barna Group, a majority of Christians and nearly 50 percent of the general population believe churches should be offering care and counseling to their communities. Most pastors, though, disagree.

Why Are Christians Calling for Boycotts of Chick-fil-A and The Chosen?

Chick-fil-A made news again this week—complete with calls to boycott the fast-food chain—in response to ire over the company’s stance on diversity, equity, and inclusivity (DEI). Of course, Chick-fil-A is no stranger to such controversy, but this time it came from those who have typically been on the other side of the outrage. The company’s DEI policy garnered attention on Twitter and quickly went viral from those who assumed that it pushes similar “woke” policies to those often denounced by conservatives. Erick McReynolds, the company’s vice president of DEI, was a focal point of the controversy, though more for the existence of his position than for anything he said or did.

What’s most peculiar about the recent outrage, however, is that there is nothing new about Chick-fil-A’s stance. Their DEI policies date back to 2020 and do little more than formalize their long-held position that they do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sexuality, physical condition, or a host of other descriptors. That approach is good for business, good for the gospel, and also what every company is required by law to do when it comes to hiring staff and serving customers.

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