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King David's Name Uncovered in 2,900-Year-Old Stone Slab: Scholars

A 2,900-year-old basalt stone slab contains an extra-biblical reference to King David in support of him being an actual “historical figure,” according to scholars writing in the latest edition of the Biblical Archaeology Review.

Pastor Andy Stanley Draws Praise, Criticism for Asserting Gay Churchgoers 'Have More Faith Than I Do'

Pastor and author Andy Stanley is receiving both praise and criticism after a sermon he preached saying that gay people who attend church "have more faith than I do."

Eagles QB Jalen Hurts, Super Bowl Bound, Says John 13:7 Inspired Him: It's 'My Favorite Verse'

The quarterback who guided the Philadelphia Eagles to an NFC title and an appearance in the Super Bowl says he has been inspired by a Bible verse that includes the words of Jesus.

NASA Astronaut Says the Bible and Science Don't Conflict: 'God Is the Creator'

A NASA astronaut who formerly held the American record for cumulative days in space says he believes science and the Bible are in harmony, not conflict.

Dolly Parton Says Her New Song about God's Warning Came to Her in a Dream

Famed Country singer Dolly Parton recently released a song that she says God gave to her in a dream. She released the song on her 77th birthday.

QB Brock Purdy Guides 49ers to NFC Championship: 'My Identity Is in Jesus'

The rookie quarterback who has surprised NFL observers by guiding the San Francisco 49ers to the NFC Championship says his Christian faith has given him peace and confidence amidst the spotlight.

The Chosen Actor Reveals 'Powerful' On-Set Moments from the Feeding of the 5,000 Scene

An actor from the Bible-based hit series The Chosen says the upcoming Season 3 Finale movie includes the "most cinematic episodes" in the history of the series, including scenes depicting the Feeding of the 5,000 that had an estimated 12,000 extras on set.

Chick-fil-A's Purpose Is 'to Glorify God,' Chairman Dan Cathy Tells Magazine

Chick-fil-A's Dan Cathy says in a new interview with Chief Executive magazine that the company’s faith-centric approach to business has been key to its success.

Eagles QB Jalen Hurts Keeps Eyes on Christ: 'God Is Everything, and He's Worthy of Praise'

The quarterback for the division-leading Philadelphia Eagles says he wants to be a good example for children who are watching him and to be "remembered as someone who made a difference" in the lives of others off the football field.

Pew: A Minority of Parents Want to Pass Down Their Religious Beliefs to Their Children

According to a Pew Research study, a small portion of parents believes it is important to pass their faith down to their children.

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