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Worship Pastor Used Big Wheel of Fortune Win as a Platform for Adoption/Foster Care

A worship pastor at Hindman First Baptist Church and the executive director of adult and family ministries at Camp Nathanael in Kentucky won $61,450 on “Wheel of Fortune” earlier this month.

Pending Government Shutdown Addressed at Republican Presidential Debate

Seven Republican candidates took to the debate stage this week in California for the second presidential primary debate ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

Many Persecuted Christians Do Not Find Refuge in the US: Report

The number of Christians finding security in the U.S. from other countries has fallen some 70 percent, according to a recent report.

Religion News Service reports the “Closed Doors” report from Open Doors, an international Christian charity group that tracks persecution, said that in 2022, about 9,528 Christians found safety in the U.S. after fleeing persecution in their home country. In 2016, that number was 32,248.

In Myanmar specifically, the number of Christian refugees fell from about 7,600 in 2016 to just 587 in 2022. In Iran, the number dropped to 112 in 2022 from more than 2,000 in 2016, and in Eritrea, those numbers were 1,639 in 2016 to just 252 in 2022.

Actor Kevin Sorbo Claims Certain Hollywood Actors Are Not 'Manly' Enough

Actor Kevin Sorbo spoke out in a recent op-ed, saying many Hollywood male stars are not “manly” enough.

Sorbo, who played Hercules in film and TV in the 1990s, said “bold, confident, self-assured females” are too often upstaging “passive men” in film and television, reports.

According to Fox News, Sorbo wrote, “Society today seriously misunderstands masculinity. On the one hand, we love to normalize androgynous, Billy Porter-type men who sport skirts and poofy dresses.” 

He also pointed out actor Timothée Chalamet, saying GQ’s 2019 best-dressed man “often wears clothes that, well…let’s just say your grandfather wouldn’t have been caught dead dressed like.”

Charges Dropped against UK Woman Arrested for Silently Praying Outside Abortion Clinic

The United Kingdom's West Midland Police have dropped charges against a woman arrested in March for silently praying within an abortion facility's "buffer zone."

CA Governor Vetoes Bill Requiring Judges to Consider Gender Affirmation in Custody Cases

The governor of California has vetoed a bill that would have required judges to consider if a parent affirms their child’s gender identity when the court makes custody decisions.

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