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Your Tax Dollars and the Hare Krishnas

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Friday, February 23, 2001

Your Tax Dollars and the Hare Krishnas

Something I predicted would happen appears to be happening. When President Bush announced his faith-based initiative to help groups that help those in need, I warned that this could do damage to the church and cause a lot of federal dollars to go to cults.

Now I read in the New York Times that the Scientologists and the Unification Church, among others, are drawing up application forms so they can apply for some of the federal largesse. The Hare Krishnas want to get in on the act, too, and who knows who else will apply for funds.

The new White House Office on Faith-based Initiatives will have to make judgments about who qualifies as a success and who does not. And the ones deemed not qualified can be guaranteed to sue. How would you like your tax dollars going to a cult, or a coven of witches? It could happen. When government discriminates between religions, that brings all sorts of political, legal and even religious problems. Government money inevitably leads to government control.

I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.