Dr. James Emery White

Dr. James Emery White

The Church's Oxygen (2021)

It was startling to me how sensitive the human body is to a lack of oxygen in the air we breathe. I have been equally startled by how sensitive the church body is to a lack of what itneeds to breathe. What is the oxygen for the church that, if deprived of it, would lead to sickness?

Chartres (2021)

If you ever get a chance to visit Paris, you will be tempted to spend every minute walking alongside its canals, getting lost in the Louvre, or exploring the back alleys of its many quarters. But when you go, leave early enough to reboard the train after lunch for another stop or two, including the little village of Chartres (pronounced shar-tras) just 40 miles or so southwest of Paris.

Preach the Bible or Talk about Culture? The Answer is…

The question posed in the title of this blog has, I believe, a simple answer. But before we get to that, some context. A fascinating study just came out of the Pew Research Center. They analyzed 12,832 messages posted on church websites during the fall of 2020.

The Greatest Apologetic for the Christian Faith

I wrote an entire book on apologetics which, in case you are unfamiliar with the term, has nothing to do with apologizing. Apologetics is a term referring to the act of giving reasons for your faith. It is from the Greek word apologia, and it means to give a defense of your faith or a set of reasons for belief. But in truth, there is only one argument for the Christian faith—one apologetic that is unanswerable,

Why Are Christian Leaders Falling?

Bill Hybels, Ravi Zacharias, James MacDonald, Darren Patrick, Tullian Tchividjian, Perry Noble, Ted Haggard, Carl Lentz… the list is gut-wrenching. So… what is going on?

5 Ways COVID Has Changed the Church

There is little doubt in anyone’s mind that COVID has changed our world. It’s also changed things for the church, and here I outline five of those changes and how the church might (or, in some cases, must) respond.

Rebooting Your Church

A reboot is different than just returning to in-person events. That’s just turning on the lights and opening the doors as if nothing happened. But during the last 15 months, some things did happen. No church just reopened their doors and went right back to the way things were before. Why? Because we need a lot more than a reopening.

Where to Turn: 3 Sites, 3 Books

I walked into a conversation between two mature Christ followers the other day, and the essence of the back and forth was how to engage various issues and contentions being thrown our way with a clear sense of true North in terms of a Christian mind, worldview and biblical base.

Anything for the Mission

Our mission has always been to turn irreligious people into fully devoted followers of Christ through the local church; in other words, the Great Commission mandate to “make” disciples and then to “teach them everything.” Most churches would embrace this rhetoric, but fewer reflect it as a reality—particularly on the “make” part of the equation. Many churches “woo” disciples, “recruit” disciples, “reach out” to disciples… but that simply means going after existing disciples.

Dealing with Cancer in the Body... of Christ

Cancer is a terribly evil and deadly disease in any and every form. So why is it we are so ill-equipped to deal with the equally real cancers that can develop, spread and kill the body of Christ? There are many that can take root, but none worse than the cancer of division and dissension.
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