Dr. James Emery White

Dr. James Emery White

A Time to Remember; A Time to Honor

One summer, many years ago, our family went to Washington, D.C. We had a number of places we wanted to visit, including the Smithsonian, the Washington Monument, the White House, Congress, and the Lincoln Memorial. We had no idea that one of the most moving places we would visit would be Arlington National Cemetery.

What the “Hell”?

Quick: who do you think believes in hell the most – Baby Boomers or Generation Z? I’ll give you a few additional bits of information to work with: the study was conducted in the U.K., and there, Gen Z more often than not identifies as atheist. Okay, got your answer? If you said, “Well, it’s obviously Baby Boomers,” you would be…

Honey, We Shrunk the Church

As Yonat Shimron led off her report: “For American religion, the story of decline just won’t let up.” She was referring to the recent findings in a new survey by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) published last week. But there was some good news.

The SBC Loses Nearly Half a Million More Members

I get absolutely no pleasure in relaying that the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), America’s largest Protestant denomination, lost nearly half a million more people in 2022, adding to the three million lost since 2006. It is their largest loss in more than a century.

The Problem with Gentle Parenting

You may not have heard of it yet, but there’s a new approach to parenting. It’s called “gentle” parenting. It emphasizes the emotions of the child. The parent is a coach rather than a disciplinarian.

Bed Bath & Beyond… and the Church

By now you may have heard that Bed Bath & Beyond (BB&B) has filed for bankruptcy and will be closing its stores. Many churches are making the same mistake. They cling to an in-person, physical model in stunning denial of the digital revolution of our world, failing to see how negatively it is impacting their mission.

Why Don’t Kids Read?

The title of the article leaped out at me, arresting my attention: “Why Kids Aren’t Falling in Love with Reading.” The immediate, intuitive, answer would somehow trace back to screens. But according to the article itself, published in The Atlantic and written by Katherine Marsh, it’s something else. It’s the way we are having them read.

Are the End Times Finally Here?

Are we living in the end times? The immediate answer is, “Yes, of course we are.” Technically, we have been living in the end times ever since the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

Trigger Warnings

If you’re not familiar with the term (which is doubtful in today’s world), a trigger warning is an expressed warning before watching a film, hearing a lecture, viewing an art exhibit or reading a work of literature when there may be something “triggering” in the content. Meaning, it may offend, it may bring to mind painful memories, it may be emotionally upsetting, or even just ideologically challenging.

What Is Odinism?

If I were to ask you who a Presbyterian, Methodist or Baptist was, you would have at least a general idea, even if the extent of your knowledge was only that they were a Christian who belonged to a Protestant group. But what if I were to say “Odinist”?
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