Dr. James Emery White

Dr. James Emery White

I Kissed Christianity Goodbye

To some, the term “deconstruct” can mean rejecting Christianity entirely while others describe the process as rebuffing certain cultural beliefs associated with Christianity. So “exvangelicals” can mean both those who have rejected the label “evangelical,” aspects of the evangelical subculture, the evangelical church, or those who have rejected evangelical faith altogether.

A Call for Public Intellectuals

Several years ago, Russell Jacoby wrote a provocative book titled "The Last Intellectuals." If you have heard the phrase “public intellectual,” this is where it comes from. His lament was how younger intellectuals had given themselves over to professionalization and academization. Unlike earlier intellectuals who tended to write for the educated public, Jacoby observed that thinkers in his day flocked to the universities where “the politics of tenure loom larger than the politics of culture.”

Generation Z: Update

In coordination with the Barna Research Group, the 2021 “State of the Bible” from the American Bible Society is out. In what can only be called an understatement, the report says that “Gen Z – especially Gen Z youth – has a precarious relationship with the Bible.” You think?

Asking Five Whys

Jim Collins – one of the best thinkers on all things business, organization and leadership – has suggested that to really get to the heart of your purpose, you should ask at least five sequential “why” questions. In other words, posit what it is you do, such as, “I own and operate a gas station.” Then ask yourself “why?” And then, with each and every answer, ask yourself “why” again… and again. At least five times.

The Vision for a New Kind of Conference (2021)

In just three weeks, the seventh annual Church & Culture Conference will take place via livestream from Mecklenburg Community Church (Meck) in Charlotte, NC. If you have not attended before, you may be wondering what the vision is for this event.

We Need More Maddies

Christians should be “third way” people. After all, that’s how we started out. The early Christian Church had an interesting nickname that many 21st century Christians are largely unaware even existed. It was sometimes called the “Third Way,” and the name appeared as early as the second century.

About Those Religious Exemptions

It seems that suddenly a lot of people have not only gotten “religious,” but deeply concerned with making principled religious stands. Well, at least with making one principled religious stand. Not getting vaccinated.

How Is God Deeply Connected to Your Vocation?

It’s not that we tried to go against the natural grain of our life, much less dismiss the voice of God, we just didn’t think of God speaking to us about such things. Yet if the root of vocation is “calling,” then we must listen.

Living In Tension

I have come to believe that the highest compliment I can receive as a communicator is, “It was like you were speaking right to me” or, “It’s like you have been reading my diary.” Connecting, I have found, has less to do with style than it does with empathy. On this common ground of empathy, one life can flow into another; even better, one life can become open to the Holy Spirit through another.

We Are They (2021)

One of the most important tasks of leadership in the life of a pastor is highlighting personal responsibility. This is a subtle idea, but an important one. Perhaps a quick story will help show what I mean.
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