Dr. James Emery White

Dr. James Emery White

Has Music Been 'Dumbed Down' in the 21st Century?

Specifically, there has been a trend across genres toward the "simplification of lyrics and an overuse of choruses." Further, the "vocabulary range has also shrunk and the structure of the songs made more predictable."

They Buried the Lead on Religious Change in America

The story isn't dropping church attendance. The biggest and most concerning revelation is the number one reason people gave for leaving a faith tradition. 67% who left a faith tradition did so because they simply stopped believing in that religion's teachings.

Four Years after the World Shut Down for COVID

All things COVID might be over, but how it changed the world – and us – did not. Refusing to acknowledge those changes is neither helpful nor wise.

The Monday after Easter

This is for all the church planters and their volunteers on post-Easter Monday, struggling to make it from week-to-week, and for the leaders and members of established churches that are anything but “mega”—well below the 200 threshold in terms of average attendance. I don’t know how Easter Sunday went for you, but I have a hunch.

“Good” Friday (2024)

The amazing thing about Good Friday is that it was – and is – part of the “good” declared by God at creation. “God saw all that he had made, and it was very good” (Genesis 1:31, NIV). The Fall was not good; sin, disobedience and suffering are not good. But God’s purpose in creation and the redemptive drama that ensued were – and are – good.

Holy Week 2024… So What?

This past weekend has been known as Palm Sunday weekend. So what? It’s a fair question. In our culture, the significance of sacred days and times has long been forgotten.

Zone of Interest

The Zone of Interest recently won the Oscar for best international film along with the rare distinction of also being nominated – as an international film – for best picture. Why did I want us to watch this film? Not all staff development has to do with leadership principles or time management. There’s also a need for cultural awareness and spiritual insight.

May We All be Irish (2024)

The legends surrounding Patrick are… well, legendary. He reportedly drove the snakes out of Ireland into the sea. Whether true or not, there are no snakes in Ireland to this day. Another legend is that he used the shamrock to explain the Trinity.

Why I Love Savannah Guthrie's Mostly What God Does

Savannah Guthrie is the co-anchor of NBC News’ Today, NBC News’ chief legal correspondent, and a primary anchor for the network’s election coverage. A graduate of Georgetown Law, she is a New York Times bestselling author and executive producer of a Netflix show.

Parents Shopping Kids on Instagram, Wake Up

A recent article in the New York Times detailed a deeply disturbing phenomenon. Titled “A Marketplace of Girl Influencers Managed by Moms and Stalked by Men,” it ran the following sub-heading: “Seeking social media stardom for their underage daughters, mothers post images of them on Instagram. The accounts draw men sexually attracted to children, and they sometimes pay to see more.”

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