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Dr. James Emery White

The Persecuted Church

I’ve often heard Christians in the U.S. speak about being “persecuted” for their beliefs, or for being marginalized as a result of their convictions. While I believe there have been isolated cases of Christians in America being wrongly prosecuted for taking various stands, I’m not ready to call anything any American Christian has suffered persecution.

How to Market Your Church Online

After my last blog, which briefly mentioned the importance of marketing your online church online, the question from many was, “How do you do that?” It’s a fair question as the importance of digital marketing has been suddenly thrust upon churches around the world, and many, if not most, had never attempted digital marketing before.

The Four Categories of Online Viewers

When it comes to the millions of people engaging online church services, it might be helpful to realize there are only four categories of viewers. The first and most obvious is the committed attender. They were attending your church in person before the pandemic and are attending it online now.

3 Important Ways to Rethink Church Online vs. In-Person

The two most frequent questions I get asked from other pastors during this surreal time of pandemic, affecting all of us globally in so many ways, are “How do you keep people engaged?” followed by “What do you do differently in your online service than you did when in person?” Since I addressed the first question in my last blog, let’s tackle the second one now.

3 Keys to Keeping Your Church Engaged during the Pandemic

Whether you are still “closed” in regard to large, indoor gatherings or have officially “opened” to socially distanced indoor services, most churches are finding the following two dynamics to be true: 1) safety protocols severely limit indoor attendance capacity; 2) most people are voting with their feet and choosing to stay home.

The True Mark of a Christian

We live in a day of deeply contentious disagreement on any number of things, but most of it is political in nature or over things that, while not overtly political, have been politicized. When we disagree with each other, we have two choices: We can maintain the ultimate mark of the Christian, or we can abandon and betray it.

Is God a Moral Monster? The Slaughter of the Canaanites

One of the arguments against the God of the Bible is the kind of God we find in the Bible—specifically, a God who can appear to be a moral monster. Case in point? Let’s take the divinely directed slaughter of the Canaanites. It is what some have called the most difficult and bloody part of the Bible; the one that on the surface is the most ethically troubling.
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