Where is Elvis Now?

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Friday, August 16, 2002

Where is Elvis Now?

He's been gone 25 years. I still remember where I was when I heard Elvis Presley had died. He had a profound influence on my generation, not all of it good, but profound nevertheless.

I saw him twice in live performance. The first time was at Houston's astrodome in 1974. I have never seen such raw power on the stage. He sang, "How Great Thou Art" and I have never heard it sung better. The second time I saw him was in 1977, shortly before he died. He was debilitated by drugs and was a pathetic shadow of his former self.

Our culture admires people who worship its icons, but it rejects people who worship Jesus. Worship a dead music hero will get you applause. Worship a living savior and you are criticized.

The only question worth asking about Elvis or anyone else is where is he now. Elvis heard the gospel as a boy and a lot of his music consists of hymns and was heavily influenced by the black church music he heard when he was young. Elvis abused drugs and had many women. Only God knows where he is today. "Put not your trust in princes and kings" could also apply to the so-called "king" of rock and roll. I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.