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War Bonds a 'Win-Win'

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Updated: Aug 02, 2002

War Bonds a 'Win-Win'

Many commentators and even government officials are wondering about the cost of a war against Saddam Hussein and whether the public would support it.

I have an idea that would not only help pay for the war, but give the public a feeling we are all part of the effort: war bonds!

During World War Two, the sale of war bonds to adults and war stamps to children helped unite the country to defeat Hitler and Japan. A similar drive, based on the patriotism felt since 9/11, would not only help pay for the war, but would also give us a feeling that we had a hand in toppling one of the world's most dangerous and ruthless dictators, Saddam Hussein.

During World War Two, Hollywood pitched-in with announcements by actors like Jimmy Stewart and Ronald Reagan. Presidential aide Karl Rove recently met with some top Hollywood people about how they could make a positive contribution following 9/11. A war bond drive is the answer.

It's a win-win for everybody and would help our struggling economy if people were encouraged to "buy bonds today." I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.

War Bonds a 'Win-Win'