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Universe's "Dark Energy" No Mystery to God

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Thursday, April 5, 2001

Universe's "Dark Energy" No Mystery to God

Scientists are always revising their theories, but each one is treated as if it were divine revelation, while actual divine revelation is ignored or rejected outright.

The Hubble space telescope has spotted the most distant exploding star ever observed. Scientists say it's 10 billion years old.

Researchers say the discovery bolsters the controversial theory that mysterious "dark energy" is accelerating the expansion of the cosmos.

Dark energy is invisible and not well understood, but there is speculation it might account for as much as two-thirds of space. The theory was first proposed a century ago by Albert Einstein, who later repudiated it when he considered it too strange. He called it the cosmological constant. That means that all of space is bubbling with an invisible form of energy that creates a mutual repulsion between objects normally attracted to each other by gravity.

Understand? God does. He made it all. And He is far wiser than the wisest man or woman.