Too Many Divorces in the Bible Belt

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Tuesday, May 22, 2001

Too Many Divorces in the Bible Belt

Did you know that the highest divorce rate in the country is among Christians living in so-called 'Bible Belt' states like Oklahoma? The New York Times carried a front page story yesterday which largely blames pastors for not taking marriage more seriously.

Too many people are too easily married. Many without the proper pre-marital counseling and with little or no follow-up to help couples deal with the stress, disagreements and unmet expectations that come from marriage.

One of the major reasons we have so many marital breakups among believers is that our definition of love matches that of the world. Love is based on feelings and feelings are based on externals, such as looks and how one feels in the presence of another. Such intense feelings at the beginning of a relationship can never be sustained over time. If a marriage is based on feelings, it lacks a foundation on which to grow. When pressures come, too many marriages end.

Some churches are beginning to change their approach to marriage. Many others should.