The Soul of America

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Friday, June 11, 2004

The Soul of America

Today, on the day of the state funeral for Ronald Reagan, what more can be said?

For many, the tributes and information are a history lesson. They are too young to have remembered President Reagan in his prime and if they have learned anything at all about him in school, it was probably taught by liberal teachers who hated him.

It is often said that Reagan's greatest strength was the strength he saw in us. A nation is made of its people. Its leaders are limited in what they can do if the people don't wish to follow.

In the Old Testament, Israel was given great kings when the people followed God. But when they worshipped false gods, their leadership reflected the condition of their hearts.

Ronald Reagan challenged us to look beyond the government and into our own hearts. The preamble to the constitution begins "we the people." He reminded us of that and it is something of which we need to constantly remind ourselves.

America is about us, not politicians. God bless the soul of Ronald Reagan.

In Orlando, Florida, I'm Cal Thomas.

The Soul of America