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The Culture of Death Marches On

Cal Thomas | Syndicated Columnist | Published: Apr 03, 2012

The Culture of Death Marches On

Some years ago I predicted in a newspaper column that euthanasia would soon be accepted and widespread in the Netherlands. A number of Dutch politicians wrote to denounce me, claiming I was wrong.

Last week from the New York Times headlines: "Push for Right to Die Grows in the Netherlands." The mobile euthanasia teams will help patients die at home. I guess these will be like the bookmobiles of my youth, except, instead of books, these will dispense death.

As usual, the most extreme cases are featured -- the people in great pain who want to die. I don't have a problem with instructions about No Extraordinary Means and Do Not Resuscitate. I empathize with those in great pain. But no act can be seen in isolation. When one barrier is removed there are challenges to others. First the killing of the unborn, then the killing of the elderly when they become a "burden" and "inconvenient." Then the unwanted, and then what? The Jews?

We look back and wonder how the killing of the Jews could have happened. Will we ask the same question when euthanasia becomes mandatory?

I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.

Publication date: April 9, 2012

The Culture of Death Marches On