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Ted Kennedy: The End of An Era

Cal Thomas | Syndicated Columnist | Published: Aug 26, 2009

Ted Kennedy: The End of An Era

August 27, 2009 

Some people made careers and a lot of money denouncing Ted Kennedy. The senator, who died yesterday of brain cancer, never responded in kind. In that, he was more Christian than some of his critics.

Yes, he had many flaws. So do I. We are all sinners and our salvation comes by the grace of God, not by human striving. Jesus was a friend of sinners. Ted Kennedy was a friend of mine.

I had the privilege of knowing him, praying for him and speaking about Jesus with him. I wonder how many of his church-going, Bible-believing Christian critics prayed for him? Not many, I'll bet.

Kennedy could teach conservatives a lesson. He compromised when he had to, but he never diluted his beliefs. His compromises always moved the ball forward in the direction in which he wished to go.

With his passing, an era has come to an end. No family has had, or probably will again have, the impact on America, politics and special needs children as the Kennedys. If you never prayed for him, pick another liberal and pray for him (or her). See what difference it makes . . .  in you.

Cal Thomas is a nationally syndicated columnist based in Washington, D.C.

Ted Kennedy: The End of An Era