Strike Out

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Aug 27, 2002

Here's my thought on the pending baseball strike: let them strike. The game I knew as a kid, even into adulthood, is no longer a game. It is a business, and a greedy one at that. Too many love the money and not the game. In fact, the game is money and not baseball.

Players who would have never made the team in Ted Williams or Mickey Mantle's day, now command multi-million dollar salaries. Sports agents push the salary and bonus limits beyond the ridiculous. Most average families can't afford to see a game anymore. The seats cost too much, as does parking and food. Hot dogs are $5 or more and soft drinks are $4 or more.

The big teams - meaning the New York Yankees - dominate and the players are loyal to their checks, not their home city.

Major league baseball should be boycotted by fans. I hope the clubs fold and we can start over with people who really love the game and care for the fans than this bunch, which appears to care only for their greedy selves. I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.