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Shame on the Republicans

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Nov 26, 2003

Shame on the Republicans

What has happened in these last days of the current congressional session ought to shame anyone who wears the Republican Party label and especially those who supposedly embrace the conservative philosophy. The party of smaller government and less federal spending is on a binge.

As recently as 1995, republicans denounced democrats for stuffing legislation with local projects that boost the popularity of lawmakers back home who take credit for them. So, the federal government pays for parks, bike trails and other things it has no business paying for.

Republicans are also expanding an already broken Medicare system to include a prescription drug benefit for everyone, including those who can afford to pay for their own drugs. Medicare is already projected to go broke in 2026 and this expansion of a program we were promised would never grow this big, will grow even bigger and more costly. That means higher taxes, reduced services or Hillary’s national health care.

Shame on the republicans.

I’m Cal Thomas in Washington.

Shame on the Republicans