Sanctuary Policy

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Friday, April 8, 2005

Sanctuary Policy

April 8, 2005

The New York Times reported this story yesterday: "Carlos Barrera, an illegal immigrant, went on a rampage in Hollywood five months ago, police said.

In the span of two hours, they said, he mugged three people, burglarized two apartments and pushed his way into an apartment, where he tried to rape a woman in front of her five-year-old daughter."

As if that weren't outrageous enough, Barrera, who is a Mexican, had been deported four years ago after serving time for robbery, drugs and burglary.

He re-entered the United States and although he had been stopped twice for traffic violations, the police were prohibited from reporting him to immigration authorities.

Something called a "sanctuary policy" prevents cops from asking about someone's immigration status unless that person is being charged with a crime.

L.A. police say some of the most cutthroat criminals are illegals.

And yet, we keep letting them in and saying they do work Americans won't do.

Tomorrow night on my Fox show, "After Hours" we're going to talk about this and what can be done about it. 11 p.m. Eastern time. Hope you'll watch.

In New York, I'm Cal Thomas.

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Sanctuary Policy