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Roe v. Wade -- Jan. 22, 2002

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Tuesday, January 22, 2002

Roe v. Wade -- Jan. 22, 2002

Twenty-nine years and counting since Roe vs. Wade removed the last legal protection for the unborn. Those who predicted a slipperly slope were right. Now we're debating the cloning of human embryos for spare tissue parts and thinking nothing of it. If we can kill them during all nine months of pregnancy, where is the moral authority for stealing their tissue at the dawn of their lives?

Abortion is part of a universal collapse in the value we assign to human life. And that's the problem. We are assigning it, not God. We have become our own gods. We jettison spouses, or babies if we think it will make us feel better. We tolerate outrageous behavior in children and on television and in films. But it is all because we have forgotten God and worship, instead, the golden calf of prosperity.

I don't expect the unborn to be protected again until we more highly regard the Author of Life. What is it, 43 million ... and counting?

I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.