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Rethinking our Priorities January 4, 2002

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Friday, January 4, 2002

Rethinking our Priorities January 4, 2002

Each time I come to Europe I am reminded of how far ahead of the United States Europeans are when it comes to secularism. There are pockets of belief, but they are mostly small. The BBC allows no relogious programming at all, except for one Sunday night show consisting of hymns by various choirs and soloists.  But no preaching. On the rare occasions when a church of England clergy is featured, he (or she) hardly ever presents the Gospel.

Television programs include much more profanity than American programs. The Lord’s name is frequently taken in vain and swear words are a regular part of dilogue. Sunday morning on TV looks like any other day of the week.

Leaders, such as Irish Prime Minister Berthie Ahern, live with their lovers, who are discreetly called  “Partners” by the newspapers. They show up at public functions and hardly anyone notices or says a word. It probably would be considered judgemental.

The United States isn’t far behind Europe. Increasingly, television reflects the seedier side of life.  While there is a lot of preaching on TV on Sunday, far too much of it is taken up with fundraising and/or political statements.

Still, many American's are said to be re-thinking their priorities in light of September 11. Even though culture may not be putting God first, more of us can. From Northern Ireland, I’m Cal Thomas.

Rethinking our Priorities January 4, 2002