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Public Perversion: Your Tax Dollars at Work

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Aug 21, 2003

Public Perversion: Your Tax Dollars at Work

Some may have thought that the Bush administration would put an end to the funding of certain outrageous things. They were wrong.


Just one week after federally-funded “flirting classes” were held in San Francisco, we now get word that the government is paying for a “hot sex” workshop.


According to the San Francisco department of public health, the city’s AIDS health project received nearly $1 million from the feds for its AIDS programs, including tomorrow’s “hot and healthy summer sex workshop.”


At a time when all things religious are being attacked as violations of church-state separation, it really amazes me to learn that things like this go on.


The flirting classes for male homosexuals were funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, while the hot summer sex workshop is being paid for by the Health Resources and Services Administration.


Is there anyone else who finds this misuse of our tax dollars offensive?


I’m Cal Thomas.


Public Perversion: Your Tax Dollars at Work