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President Bush's Bold Moves Confound Detractors

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Friday, May 4, 2001

President Bush's Bold Moves Confound Detractors

President Bush has his liberal adversaries on the run. He is confounding his detractors who said he was illegitimately elected by proposing and then moving ahead on a bold agenda. He is the first Republican in a long time to act as if he has power and to stop trying to please the liberal elites.

Liberal Democrat opponents can only sputter about arsenic in the water and salmonella in the food, about killing children and starving granny. We've heard that for a very long time. Bush got most of his budget through the way he wanted it. He's proposed a self-defense shield against missile attacks by states or terrorists. He's even taking on Social Security with the objective of re-tooling it so that it works when the baby boomers retire. And he has brought integrity back into politics.

The hot news here is that Bill Clinton may be coming back into the political arena as his party's spokesman. I can't wait.Lif the best the Left can do is an impeached, disgraced former president who was last seen looting the White House and selling pardons, bring him on.