Pre-emption is not an option, but a necessity

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Sep 02, 2004

Pre-emption is not an option, but a necessity

September 3, 2004

I don't know if there is a tipping point for terror, or not, but did you see the picture of the dead child from the latest bus bombings in Israel. The New York Times featured it on its front page Wednesday morning.

The Palestinian state broadcast media embraced the two homicide bombers who blew themselves up, killing 16 and wounding many more, some critically. These murderers were called martyrs and citizen.

Meanwhile, Chechyn Muslim terrorists grabbed several hundred hostages in Russia and vowed to kill fifty children for every one of their fighters who is killed.

Have we reached the tipping point? Do we now understand why pre-emption is not an option, but a necessity?

Do we understand yet that these nut cases can never be accommodated, or negotiated with, or allowed to immigrate here, or build their religious shrines and schools which they will use - as they have elsewhere - to plot murder and mayhem against us.

What is happening in Israel and Russia is our future if we don't start getting serious about these people now.

In New York, I'm cal Thomas.

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Pre-emption is not an option, but a necessity