Plenty of Signals

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Mar 23, 2005

Plenty of Signals

March 24, 2005

The 16-year-old who shot up his school after killing his grandfather, the woman he lived with and subsequently nine other people, sent plenty of signals.

He had logged onto a Nazi webpage, writing how he admired Hitler and intended to start a Nazi movement at his school.

The boy, Jeff Weise, dressed like a Goth and had swastikas on his notebook.

The kid's family searched internet sites after police had told them about his online activities.

But nobody did anything.

No one questioned him.

It appears no one intervened.

I'm given full-body and luggage searched at airports and I send no such signals.

But this kid was a walking death machine waiting to go off.

Clearly, some guards have been let down after the Columbine High School shootings of 1999.

Given the dark video games, music and television young people watch these days, the guard should be back up and stay up.

There's a lot of anger out there among young people who feel unloved and ignored.

They need to be watched.

They need to be helped.

Isn't that part of homeland security?

I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.

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Plenty of Signals