On Tax Day: Evaluating the System

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Monday, April 16, 2001

On Tax Day: Evaluating the System

It's tax day, in case you didn't know. Having rendered unto God at Easter the things that are God's, we now must render to the state.

Think of this. Suppose the government had to come to you and ask permission to take your money? Or, suppose they came and asked for a contribution for this program or that one. In other words, suppose the decision about what to fund and what not to fund had to be made every year by you and not automatically by the government? Things would surely be different.

My own view is that all government programs should be re-authorized every few years. New hearings should be held during which people would have to justify the continued spending. If a program could not be defended as needed and effective, it would be canceled and the people, not government, would get their money back in a refund and a tax cut.

Too bad elections aren't held around April 15. Remember, as President Bush often says, it's our money, not the government's.