On Modern Man

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Thursday, August 29, 2002
During what may be his last visit to Poland, Pope John Paul II spoke truth last week. In a critique of modern man, he said, we embrace "freedom without truth or responsibility. (Modern man) claims for himself the Creator's right to interfere in the mystery of human life. Rejecting divine law and moral principles, he openly attacks the family."

This non-Catholic can only say "Amen." Modern man worships anything and everything but the one true God. Instead, he invents ways of doing evil, as Paul the apostle said. He does this because his heart is 'deceitful and desperately wicked," as Jeremiah the prophet concluded.

Is there a way to change our direction? Yes, there is, but it will not come through politics or pressure groups seeking to impose their will on a majority who do not have the mind of Christ. A starting point would be for us to live and act as Jesus commanded, beginning with that part about making disciples. That is different from making converts to your point of view. I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.