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Obama Will Be Tough Sell at Democratic Convention

Cal Thomas | Syndicated Columnist | Monday, September 3, 2012

Obama Will Be Tough Sell at Democratic Convention

After three days in Tampa during which the Republicans nominated their ticket and attempted to persuade voters outside the hall that President Obama doesn't deserve a second term, Democrats gather for three days in Charlotte, hoping to persuade voters that he does.

It will be a tough sell. What do they have to offer except more of the same, which has helped bring us to this point? Four more years of this? No thanks. But wait, Republicans also bear some responsibility for the record debt. Too many of their members of Congress voted for new programs and increased spending. Not all, but enough.

The problem is less about which party is in power, but the dysfunctional nature of Washington.

Voters are going to want specifics, and they deserve them. What programs will be cut and why? Republicans are best positioned to answer that question.

Meanwhile, don't expect any moderates, much less conservatives, in Charlotte. You'll hear about contraceptives, abortion, gay marriage and more spending. That's the established faith of today's Democratic Party.

In Charlotte, I'm Cal Thomas.

Publication date: September 3, 2012