No more corrupt politicians? -- Feb. 15, 2002

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Friday, February 15, 2002

No more corrupt politicians? -- Feb. 15, 2002

Now that so-called campaign finance reform has passed the House, don't you feel clean all over? Politicians will never be corrupted again! Hah!!

This measure is a sham and an infringement on the first amendment prohibition against Congress making any law restricting speech. It isn't money that corrupts politicians, anymore than a gun that kills someone. A person can responsibly use a gun and a politician can responsibly use money. The corrupt will always find new ways to get around, or even break, the law.

Two political scientists for the Cato Institute have found that 15 states with restrictions on soft money have experienced less competition in elections. It has made it more difficult for challengers to find the money they need to run against incumbents.

Campaign finance reform is an incumbent protection act. President Bush ought to veto it as a matter of principle. If he signs it, the Supreme Court should declare the law unconstitutional. Free speech advocates – which should include all of us – ought to be outraged.

I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.