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Media React to Tax Cut Proposal

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Mar 01, 2001

Media React to Tax Cut Proposal

The big media don't like President Bush's tax cut proposal. That's because they believe government is our salvation and they - the media - are its prophets.

While condescendingly acknowledging that Bush delivered his speech well, the big media largely parrot the liberal Democrat line that we can't afford a tax cut and to give people a refund on their tax overpayment would harm the elderly, cheat the retired and retiring, ruin education and generally bring the nation to collapse.

This is baloney. The Bush budget proposal increases spending by 4 percent. The last Clinton budget increased spending 8 percent. Only in Washington would a reduction in the increase in spending be regarded as a cut.

Depriving the government beast of its food is the only way to return power to the people. If you overpay your taxes or pay too much for an item you purchase at the store, you are due a refund. Let the government live within our means for a change.

I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.

Media React to Tax Cut Proposal