Mary Cheney Pregnancy

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Updated: Dec 28, 2006

Mary Cheney Pregnancy

December 11, 2006

Mary Cheney is pregnant. She’s the daughter of Vice President and Mrs. Dick Cheney. She’s also a lesbian. The “father,” which is to say the sperm donor, is not publicly known. Mary Cheney’s “partner” is named Heather Poe. In Virginia, where they live, Poe has no parental rights. Those all belong to Mary Cheney. Gay rights groups want all of that to change which, of course, is the point of much of this.

Resistance seems futile when much of the public won’t resist anything, even terrorists in Iraq. We are all about pleasing ourselves and shopping for stuff we don’t need to give to people whose birthday it isn’t.

Within the memory of many, homosexual practice was not even discussed, much less practiced openly. Now, along with other abominations, it is in our faces, all the time, especially if you must read the New York Times, which regularly campaigns in favor of the behavior.

All involved with the Mary Cheney pregnancy are just thrilled about it. That’s because they see it as perfectly normal. But what is normal and what is abnormal these days? Only God knows, you say? Exactly!

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Mary Cheney Pregnancy