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Let's Replace In-flight Service with In-flight Security

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Monday, October 8, 2001

Let's Replace In-flight Service with In-flight Security

Here's an interesting idea for making the flying public feel safe again. Replace the flight attendants who, we're told, are primarily there for our safety, with air marshals who really are. Right now we don't need food or drink or even movies. We need safety and security. Four trained air marshals armed with stun guns and bullets designed to pierce terrorists and not the airplane would be better than four or more nice-looking flight attendants who are not armed and who might be at the mercy of terrorists willing to die for their cause.

We can get our own food, but we can't bring on stun guns and other weapons. Terrorists have found a way to bring weapons on planes. And passengers are clearly at a disadvantage.

The flight attendants might have to find other jobs and that's too bad. Most are decent and accomplished people. But this is wartime and adjustments must be made if the public is to feel confident enough to buy airline tickets and fly again.