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Kofi's Rebuke

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Updated: Dec 28, 2006

Kofi's Rebuke

December 13, 2006

What’s the bigger outrage – Christmas trees coming down at Seattle-Tacoma airport after one rabbi complained – and then going back up when thousands of others complained about the decision; or outgoing UN Secretary General Kofi Anan criticizing president Bush and the United States for not living up to the country’s principles. I’ll go with Kofi.

The United Nations under Kofi Anan’s dictatorship, uh leadership, has been feckless, reckless and worthless. I have one word for Kofi Anan if he wants to talk about not living up to principles: Darfur. The UN has done nothing about the genocide in Darfur. They talk a human rights game and pass lots of resolutions, but guess who has to enforce the resolutions? The United States. We put our money and blood where the UN’s mouth is and then we get criticized for acting when the UN fails to act.

The UN passed more than a dozen resolutions condemning Saddam Hussein, but it was the United States that stopped him from killing and torturing his people. For this we get lectures from the Kofi Anan? As columnist Jeff Jacoby has written: “the UN is a corrupt institution, one that long ago squandered whatever moral legitimacy it had.”

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Kofi's Rebuke