Israel Should Strike Back

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Wednesday, March 27, 2002

Israel Should Strike Back

If truce talks fail in the Middle East - and they will, if not now then in the future - Israeli military planners are preparing for a major assault on Palestinian cities, towns and so-called refugee camps. Good! It's about time.

The suicide bombers continue to slaughter Israeli civilians - men, women and children - and a good part of the world stupidly believes that what Israel does or does not do will stop this? Decades of evidence prove that Israel's enemies will stop at nothing until they have everything: every inch of land and every Jew out of that land. That is their goal and has been since 1948.

Nothing the United States, or anyone else does, will dissuade them from their objective. They say so and they prove so.

The sooner the Israeli military is allowed to put an end to this, the better. I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.