Insurance Against Riots

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Updated: Oct 27, 2004

Insurance Against Riots

October 27, 2004

Elizabeth Edwards, wife of the Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate, said this week that if you want to insure against riots, vote for John Kerry and her husband.

Remember when Vice President Cheney said the best way to keep the country safe from terrorists was to vote to re-elect he and President Bush?

The media got their knickers twisted.

But you don't hear the media saying much about Elizabeth Edwards' comments.

Democrats have long thought they owned government as a divine right, if they believed in the divine.

They believe that not only was the last presidential election stolen from them, Congress was similarly stolen when Republicans took the house in 1994.

They also think everyone who votes Republican is demonstrably ignorant or fundamentalist Christian, which they regard as the same thing.

To suggest there will be riots in the streets if John Kerry loses is an outrage and an affront to the way we have conducted ourselves in every election.

If there are riots in the streets, the Democrats will be to blame.

Any rioters should be put down and the voters should penalize anyone who suggests such a thing.

It is incitement.

In Houston, I'm Cal Thomas.

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Insurance Against Riots