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Illegal Immigration & Tuberculosis

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Jun 08, 2005

Illegal Immigration & Tuberculosis

June 9, 2005

Do you need another reason to oppose illegal immigration? How about tuberculosis?

The Washington Times reports a strain of the ancient disease that is resistant to any number of drugs is now showing up in California, primarily among what they call their "foreign-born" population.

The disease has serious implications for California's already hard-pressed public health system.

Treatment for the new strain of TB, known as MDR-TB, is very expensive, ranging from $200,000 to $1.2 million per person over a period extending between 18 and 24 months.

According to an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association, those infected are four times as likely to die from the disease and twice as likely to "transmit the disease to others."

Because the medical community has become politically correct, the author of the article says the new disease does not suggest the borders be closed.

Oh yes it does!

Most of the foreign-borns are from Mexico and most have been in the U.S. less than five years.

You'd have to be blind or in deep denial not to know the source of the problem.

In New York, I'm Cal Thomas.

Cal Thomas is a nationally syndicated columnist based in Washington, D.C. Watch his television show, After Hours with Cal Thomas, on the Fox News Channel, Saturdays at 11 p.m. Eastern Time.

Illegal Immigration & Tuberculosis