France (Finally!) is Leading the Pack

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Jun 14, 2004

France (Finally!) is Leading the Pack

The French may not be beyond redemption after all. Western European countries have finally decided that Islamic extremism is a threat to their nations and France is leading the way in doing something about it.

The French government is drafting legislation that would allow for the expulsion of foreigners who spread hate and racism through speech.  The notorious French Interior Minister, Dominique de Villepin, says "under the cover of religion, individuals present on our soil have been using extremist language and issuing calls for violence. These are statements that favor the installation of terrorist movements on French territory."

It's about time France awoke to this threat. They have let thousands of these extremists into their country, as we have into ours.

This law should be expanded to include not just noncitizens, but citizens of France and the United States. Many have become citizens in order to claim the protection of our constitution while they work actively to undermine it.

It's long past time for some sober thinking and urgent action on this problem.

In Orlando, I'm Cal Thomas.

France (Finally!) is Leading the Pack