Educating Ourselves to Save

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Mar 01, 2004

Educating Ourselves to Save

I went to a lecture about Islam Tuesday night. It was at my church and the speaker is a former Muslim, an Egyptian, who really knows his stuff. His name is Dr. Labib Mikhail.

He has written a number of books about the origin of Islam and the prophet Mohammed. It is factual and not incendiary.

Dr. Mikhail also compares texts and history from the Koran with the Bible. He tells how Mohammed became a prophet (you may be surprised, I was) and he says that Muslims have no assurance they will spend eternity in heaven, unless they are martyred for their cause.

In times like these, especially, we should inform ourselves about what Muslims believe, especially if we want to share the saving gospel of Jesus Christ with them.

Dr. Mikhail told us how Muslims do not believe in a triune god and, thus, don’t believe Jesus was his son, or that he was crucified and died for our sins.

This is great stuff that I highly recommend. Again, his name is Dr. Labib Mikhail. Get his book “Islam: Mohammad and the Koran.” It has everything you need to know in a short course.

I’m Cal Thomas in Washington.

Educating Ourselves to Save