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Don't Trust in Kings or Princes

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Thursday, November 10, 2005

Don't Trust in Kings or Princes

November 10, 2005

All elections have messages. What was the message from this one?

Democrats say the victories by Tim Kaine in Virginia and Jon Corzine in New Jersey governors races signal good days ahead for them. Maybe. They think Kaine and Virginia governor Mark Warner are examples of moderate southerners who can win broad support. Maybe. Kaine made use of his Catholic missionary trip to Central America as a young man and said the Bible teaches we can accomplish great things if we work together. That’s out of context and the wrong interpretation, but the media didn’t challenge him because what do they know about the Bible?

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ballot initiatives to reform still-bloated government failed as people’s greed replaced common sense. The governor promised them more of everything following his losses. That sounds liberal Democrat to me and Republicans can’t outspend Democrats.

Texas became the 19th state to vote against same-sex marriage. Make of all this what you will, but put not your trust in princes and kings.

Cal Thomas is a nationally syndicated columnist based in Washington, D.C.


Don't Trust in Kings or Princes