Defeat for Israel

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Aug 21, 2005

Defeat for Israel

August 23, 2005

The pictures broadcast to the world last week of Israeli soldiers evicting their fellow Jews from Gaza was upsetting in the extreme.

Ariel Sharon had urged them to go there following the 1967 war.

Now he has presided over their eviction.

It didn’t take long for the Palestinian side and their terrorist brothers in Hamas to claim a victory for terrorism.

The entire terrorist world will see this as a defeat for Israel.

It will bring Israel closer to its next war, or a continuation of the current one.

Already Hamas says it won’t be satisfied until it gets the entire West Bank and all of Jerusalem.

 In fact, it demands all of what it calls Palestinian land.

That means all of Israel so there will be no more Israel.

The Palestinian side won’t reciprocate.

Why should it?

Israel, under pressure from the United States, Europe and the U.N. has been forced to do all of the giving and none of the receiving.

Terrorist camps will be established in Gaza and the missiles will soon be flying into Israel.

What will the diplomats say then?

We already know because they’ve said it in the past: Israel must do more.

I’m Cal Thomas in New York.

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Defeat for Israel