Changing of the Guard at Supreme Court?

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Jan 15, 2003

Changing of the Guard at Supreme Court?

This could be the year that one or more justices on the Supreme Court step down. Who will it (or they) be?

It might be Chief Justice William Rehnquist. It might also be Sandra Day O’Connor, the court’s first woman. Probably no liberal will step down.

We know who would be appointed if a democrat were in the white house. But why do we get nervous when there is a Republican president?

I’ll give you two reasons – Anthony Kennedy and the dreadfully liberal David Souter. Kennedy was named by Ronald Reagan after the failed Robert Bork nomination. And Souter was named by President Bush the first after conservatives were assured he would be o.k. on abortion. He was…for liberal pro-abortionists.

We want to believe this President Bush has learned a lot of lessons from his dad. Let’s hope that with a Republican senate, this President Bush will– should the opportunity come – nominate a justice or justices who believe the constitution is good enough they way it is and does not feel the need to re-write it to suit his, or her whims.

Better pray!

I’m Cal Thomas in Washington.

Changing of the Guard at Supreme Court?