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Bush's Foreign Policy Feat Flusters Critics

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Tuesday, July 24, 2001

Bush's Foreign Policy Feat Flusters Critics

President Bush is supposed to be a dumb man, if you listen to his critics. Yet, he apparently has scored a tremendous breakthrough with the Russians and President Vladimir Putin. Both Putin and Bush have agreed to substantially reduce each country's stockpile of nuclear weapons and begin talks in supplanting the outmoded ABM treaty with a global missile defense shield favored by the president.

The Washington Times called it "a dramatic foreign policy triumph." The liberal newspapers and TV networks were less enthusiastic, because they don't want to give credit to Bush for anything.

This bears much watching, because, after all, Putin is the former head of the KGB and Russia's experience with democracy is limited. But to reduce the cost and number of nuclear weapons while creating a missile shield against rogue nations would be the greatest foreign policy triumph since the end of the cold war. If Bush is stupid, we could use a lot more of it.