Bias in the Newsroom

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Monday, July 22, 2002

Bias in the Newsroom

The big media constantly tell us it isn't biased. So, consider this. The Boston Globe reports that 19 journalists have made donations to candidates in the Massachusetts governor's race. Fifteen of them wrote their checks to Democratic candidate Robert Reich, the former Clinton labor secretary. Some of the contributors were interviewed and admitted they are liberals and see no problem.

Sandra Constantine, a general assignment reporter in the Holyoke bureau of the Springfield, Massachusetts Union-News, gave Reich $20, but said she wished she could contribute more. "I'm just a liberal," she said. "Another one of those liberals in the media."

No journalist or columnist should contribute to any political party. Clearly these people, and many others, think they can get away with this stuff because editors do not hold them accountable and there is no enforcement of ethical violations. This is an outrage, or ought to be. I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.