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Archaeologists Discover Evidence of Jesus

Archaeologists Discover Evidence of Jesus

Archaeologists have found a burial box with an inscription that translates, "James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus."

If it is that James, it would be the first archaeological proof that Jesus existed. The box could be a fake, but such things – like the shroud of Turin – are fascinating. Real or not, they have nothing to do with faith.

Throughout scripture, people looked for signs. They got a lot of them, including the miracles of Jesus and the resurrection – the greatest miracle of all.

Still, many would not believe that Jesus was, and is, the son of god. Flesh and blood do not reveal such things, said Jesus…only the father in heaven.

The late senate chaplain, Richard Halverson, said faith is never a matter of evidence, or everyone would believe, because the same evidence is available to everyone.

Still, the reported discovery of the bones of James is interesting. But more compelling is that they’ll never find the body of Jesus, for he is risen.

I’m Cal Thomas in Washington.

Archaeologists Discover Evidence of Jesus