Anthrax Cases Should Only Toughen Our Resolve

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Wednesday, October 24, 2001

Anthrax Cases Should Only Toughen Our Resolve

The latest, as you have no doubt heard, is that anthrax has been found at a mail annex that serves the White House. And two more postal workers who were exposed to that same D.C. post office where two others died have been infected with the virus.

Where will this end? No one knows and uncertainty is sometimes more frightening than a known threat.

This had better deepen our resolve. We may have embarked on a war that will be longer than the Cold War with possibly more casualties. It is going to take resolve, and the Islamic fanatics think we don't have any. They're risking everything on their view that America is pre-occupied with wealth and position in this world and they care only about killing us and getting to the next world.

Do we really understand what's at stake? It is our way of life, just as surely as it was 60 years ago in that greatest generation war. This is only the beginning. We're about to find out if we have the stamina to fight it and the will to sustain it.