A Viral Attack

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Monday, August 12, 2002

A Viral Attack

Where did this West Nile Virus come from? In 40 locations just in the Washington area, West Nile Virus has been detected. Other parts of the country are also reporting cases of the virus.

A Middle East commentator I know speculates this could be the work of Saddam Hussein. An accredited medical facility can get plagues of all sorts for research. There is little that would keep someone from passing along this stuff to Saddam. Three years ago, the United States experienced its first outbreak of West Nile Virus. Transferring mosquitoes with the virus and releasing them in swampy breeding grounds is no problem. Then it is just a matter of the seeded mosquito breeding until it reaches a critical mass and spreads.

We're thinking bombs and guns and suicidal maniacs. But a spreading disease can be far more effective in spreading panic and death. And it is difficult to trace, which is an added advantage from someone like Saddam.

It's just one more of many reasons why the people of Iraq and the world should be liberated from this guy. I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.