A Pay Raise for Congress?

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Tuesday, December 11, 2001

A Pay Raise for Congress?

Does congress deserve a pay raise? Did members ask voters?


Congress didn’t ask voters and it is debatable whether they deserve a raise. They’re about to accept a $4,900 pay hike in January. A few principled members tried to block it, but they were thwarted by a midnight vote in the Senate. So, the 3.4 percent pay increase – to $150,000 for all 535 members, will take place in January unless there is a public outcry, and maybe in spite of one.

Unemployment is the highest it’s been in several years. Large corporations are laying-off workers. But congress thinks its work is so critical that it deserves more money. That would be more of our money. Some of those who opposed the Bush tax cut voted in favor of a pay increase for themselves. These people don’t want you keeping more of your money, but they don’t mind taking more of your money for themselves.

If you’re outraged, you know who to call and write. I’m Cal Thomas in Washington.