30 Years -- and 40 Million Dead

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Wednesday, January 22, 2003

30 Years -- and 40 Million Dead

We’ve had thirty years of Roe v. Wade and, thanks to the institution of abortion which as resulted, more than 40 million babies were murdered instead of being born.


There are no children or grandchildren from those babies.   No lives lived.   No contributions to humankind and the kingdom of God possible.


The country won’t look at what is being aborted, or doesn’t care.   High resolution sonograms show us what that life looks like inside the woman, who is not a mother as the press calls her, unless she has the baby.


We don’t seem to care, at least in sufficient numbers to stop the slaughter.   The worship of self is supreme.   Whatever anyone wants to do they should do, except smoke or drive SUV’s, or eat meat, according to these people.


When will it stop?   Not until we again regard god as the author of life.   Not until we fear God again.   That won’t come through legislation or judicial rulings, though if we had people of principle in power they might help lead the way.   But it’s tough to lead when people don’t want to follow.   Moses found that out long ago.


30 years is a long time to tolerate a grave injustice.   And, 40 million is a lot of dead people.


I’m Cal Thomas in Washington.



30 Years -- and 40 Million Dead