Cal Thomas

Cal Thomas

Shouldn't Fixing Salary Discrepancy Start in the White House?

If the President is concerned about women's salaries, he should pay women at the White House the same amount of money men earn.

Grammy Awards Stunt Evidence of a Crumbling Culture

Last weekend's Grammy Awards which featured a same-sex wedding ceremony presided over by Queen Latifa.

Predicting the State of the Union Address Topics

See if I'm right about the State of the Union speech...

Same-Sex Marriage in Virginia Could be Coming Soon

The new Attorney General of Virginia will ask a federal court to strike down the state’s constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

Justin Bieber Needs Jesus

We've seen this pattern so many times: young person gets rich, attracts fans and hangers-on, and then thinks he is invincible.

The EU & Climate Change: Reality Trumps Ideology

Sometimes reality catches up with ideology and reality wins.

Why Boehner Should Name a Benghazi Follow-Up Committee

John Boehner should name a special bipartisan committee with subpoena power to get the rest of the Benghazi facts on the public record.

What Works? The Rules Still Work

It's not complicated: follow the rules.

Thoughts on the Benghazi Findings

The bipartisan report lays out more than a dozen findings regarding the assaults.
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