"Sex and the Seminary" Interview on "Interfaith Voices"

Albert Mohler | President, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary | Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"Sex and the Seminary" Interview on "Interfaith Voices"

I was interviewed by Interfaith Voices about the "Sex and the Seminary" report released a few months ago.  Interfaith Voices is heard on public radio stations nationwide, and the podcast or audio format of this edition of the program is available here.

When the report first appeared, I wrote:

If nothing else, this report underlines the great divide that now exists among America's theological schools.  There is good reason to ask whether any shared basis of accreditation is possible, given the depth and significance of this divide.  Time will tell, but the aim is clear -- to put seminaries committed to a normative biblical morality on notice that such schools may for a time be tolerated, but the standards will push schools toward "inclusion" of "sexual and gender diversities" among students, staff, and faculty.

No doubt, schools committed to biblical authority and confessional integrity must do a better job of preparing ministers to understand the issues of sexuality.  But the goal must be to inculcate knowledge of and commitment to a biblical model of human sexuality centered in the glory of God and obedience to God's Word.  We must also train pastors to be compassionate in teaching and applying God's revealed truth.  These goals are not, however, the goals or recommendations of "
Sex and the Seminary."